Integrate with schools without the fuss

A simple API giving you access to reading and writing school data.
You integrate with us and we take it from there. Sit back and relax.

Wonde Developers

How it Works

Wonde Integrate


Our powerful API allows you to work with school data using conventional HTTP requests. You only receive the data you need as set by your agreed permissions.

Wonde Manage


You no longer have to contact a school to integrate with their data. Simply request access through your control panel.

Wonde Relax


Sit back and watch the data roll in... our team are constantly monitoring all schools on your behalf. You can now focus on your own software.


We’re here to help. If you have a query relating to our API, how we access school data or would like to discuss the best way for your application to work alongside Wonde, we’re here for you.

Your control panel keeps you in the loop with your integrated schools. View the status of existing integrations and request access to new school data at the click of a button.

School Data Integration

Wonde integrates with the leading school information systems to provide read and write access with a standardised dataset through an easy to use API.

There’s no longer the need to stay up-to-date with individual providers, simply integrate once with our API, and we’ll ensure maintained access to school data. Our documentation and code samples allow you to get started straight away.

The process of set-up through to the application running in the live environment has been seamless and trouble free. It certainly makes our life easier working with technology such as Wonde.